Игра Grab the Cash - Based on popular ETV CASH series беплатно для iPhone и iPad

grab the cash

grab the cash a fun game for all age groups. It enhances brain and hand coordination and gives boost to mind. This version is enabled with a totally new game interface and extra powers for full enjoyment of kids and adults.

This is a fun game to play, there will be different option which has to be collected. when you click on start random options start blinking one at a time. you have to concentrate and click on stop when the blink is on the desired option. Option may contain different number of coins or coins with chance to play again or busted which give 0 score when ever you select it.

We have 3 levels in this, easy, medium and hard in which the blink speed will be increased accordingly. In addition the options will be changing there places every time. So concentrate harder!!

How to play grab the cash??

1. Click on start

2. Concentrate on the options and decide which one you want

3. Click on stop when the blink is on the desired option

4. To increase you score choose the option which has chance in it so you can get one more chance and increase your score


* Great animations

* Amazing sound effects which will help you concentrate on game

* Best blink speed

* variety of options to make this game more fun

* You can give your name to which score will be added

* Global score is also there which will tell you where you score stands globally

* Different level to test your ability

This game keeps on going, play all the time and make your score the best. Play with your friends and see who can score the highest. you can also see global score. know where you stand in the global score list and be on top by mastering this game.

We also have settings in which you can edit your name so that you can recognise you score. We have sound and music option which you can enable or disable. you can also share our grab the cash app link through share option given in the app.

Please leave us a comment if you face any issues or want additional features. Your feedback is always welcome.

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short description:

Grab cash & experience the touch adventure with great graphic & sound effects