Игра Grade 3 Math Fractions, Measurement, CCSS Learning беплатно для iPhone и iPad

LogTera 3rd Grade Math delivers the most comprehensive learning and fun game for children 5 to 9 years. The captivating Safari theme and Avatars keep children engaged and motivates them to learn new skills. Children answer math questions to earn coins, which they use to add friendly animals to the Safari and to buy food items. Debbie, the dinosaur – the Safari guide – helps children navigate through the game. Kid friendly rich graphics, animations, voices, and intuitive touch, click, drag and drop style easy to use question templates allow children to work without a parent or teacher supervision.

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Content aligned to COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS with over 1800 questions focused on developing core skills in:

1). Number Sense

2). Addition

3). Subtraction

4). Multiplication

5). Division

6). Time

7). Fractions

8). Measurement

9). Geometry

10). Data and Graphs

The focus is: (1) developing an ​understanding of multiplication and division and strategies for multiplication and division within 100; (2) developing understanding of fractions, especially unit fractions; (3) developing understanding of the structure of rectangular arrays and of area; and (4) describing and analyzing two-dimensional shapes.


– FUN SAFARI THEME & AVATARS: Interactive friendly animals in the Safari and customizable Avatars

– MOTIVATING GAMEPLAY: By answering questions, children earn coins that they use to add animals (parrot, kangaroo, tiger, and elephant, etc.) to the Safari and feed them.

– PERSONALIZED LEARNING: The app adjusts difficulty level to match child’s performance and learning requirements. AUTO-SOLVE helps kids get to the right solution for each question.

– REPORTS: Real-time feedback and performance reports are provided for learners, parents, and teachers.

– CORE MATH SKILLS: 3rd Grade math skills based on Common Core State Standards. More than 1800 questions and 140+ skills have been covered.

– GUIDED VOICEOVER: Debbie, the dinosaur guides children through the question-answers. This helps in better understanding of the concepts and improves retention.

– RICH GRAPHICS: The user interface is simple and clean with great animations so that question solving is fun. Large variety of question templates and high quality images to keep children engaged throughout the sessions.

– Developed using LogTera MAPLE platform

CCSS Topics Covered:

3.OA-Represent and solve multiplication & division problems, properties…

3.0A.1-Products of whole numbers

3.0A.2-Whole-number quotients…

3.0A.3-Multiplication and Division to solve word problem in situations like groups, arrays…

3.0A.4-Determine unknown whole numbers in multiplication or division.

3.0A.5-Apply properties of operation as strategies to multiply and divide.

3.0A.7-Multiply and divide using strategies…

3.0A.8-Estimation strategies: rounding

3.0A.9-Identify arithmetic patterns, explain using properties of operations

3.NBT-Properties to perform arithmetic operations

3.NBT.2-Add and subtract using strategies and algorithm based on place value, properties of operation between addition and subtraction

3.NBT.3-Multiply one-digit whole

3.NF-Understanding of fractions as numbers

3.NF.2-Fractions on the number line

3.NF.3-Equivalent of fractions in special cases

3.MD-Measurement problems – Time, Liquid, Volume, and Masses

3.MD.1-Time to the nearest minute, time intervals in minutes

3.MD.2-Measure and estimate liquid volume and masses

3.MD.6-Measure areas by counting unit squares

3.MD.6.d-Recognize area as additive

3.MD.6-Solve real world and mathematical problems

3.G-Reason with shapes and attributes

3.G.1-Understand the shapes in different categories

3.G.2-Partition shapes into parts with equal areas

Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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