Игра Grand HiLo беплатно для iPhone и iPad

V HiLo Casino Free is the best choice for those who are addicted to playing cash casino. The objective of the casino game is with the free slots, you have to bet against the dealer and guess whether the player’s card is higher or lower than the dealer’s card, and whether the next card is red or black.

As an extra, we added the winning-streak meter which counts the player’s winning streak to this mobile casino game. This is also a casino games online, which enables you to enjoy more challenge.

How to play

– Choose your bet, ranging fro $0.10 to $100, totally up to you, then click “Confirm” to start.

– Pick any card available on the screen or you can click “AutoPick” and the result will come at random.

– And now you guess “Which will next card will be?”: higher or lower, black or white.

– If you win, you will get more $$$

– If you lost, no money but you can Try again!

Game players will feel highly challenged with a lot of free slots from this online casino. Hilo Casino is really an interesting casino mobile game. You really need to focus on the free slots from this casino mobile. Without any doubt, this cute awesome cash casino is promisingly bringing you a dozen of exciting and amazing cash casino and endless joy!

Some features

– V HiLo Casino Free

– The excellent and fantastic graphics

– The easy- to- use controls

– Addictive gameplay and soundtrack

– Fully customizable game menu

– Awesome user experience and GUI