Игра Guessy - Free Word Guessing Game беплатно для iPhone и iPad

Guessy : Guess for fun with Friends !

Guessy the latest guess game challenges you to flex your guessing skills and try to figure out the words that are on the card you have placed on your head.

Once you pick a card or a card comes up for you to guess on your turn, the other players will have to give you clues to try and guess what the word is, but you’ll only have so much time on the clock.

Guessy : Guess word talent

this dumb charades is a fast paced family word game that will have you guessing what the word is, you’re given guidance from fiends and then you’ve got to find the rest. With some really cool challenging words to guess, it’ll have you coming back for more and more.

Guessy : flipside charades

Guessy is a free word game, that’s both great for kids and adults. It’s colorful, easy to play, challenging and can really help reinforce young players’ short-term memory. It can also be played with an adult giving them clues and guidance of the items to help with word association, to broaden their vocabulary. Overall though, Guessy is just a lot of fun!

Highlight features:

– Play with one or more friends & family.

– Record your Guessy performance with your front camera!

– From naming celebrities, to singing, enjoy the content full of words cards, which are all free and open.

– It can be used to teach kids a number of things, timing, word association and even short-term memory.

– Easy to pick-up and play, there’s no barrier of entry with this one.

Card Decks:

Animals words card, Celebrities cards, Cities cards, Jobs cards, Kitchen cards, Musicians charades, Sports charades, Summer, Super Heroes, What Am I Doing?, Winter, TV Shows, Movies, Cartoons

Challenging players in trivia & creativity and charades, your next party, reunion or family game night will never be the same.