Игра Guet Jass! Lite беплатно для iPhone и iPad

Play the classic Jass “Schieber” or the well known “Differenzler” as singleplayer against virtual opponents.

Online-Gaming: Find some active skilled players in the online-lobby or invite your friends by Push-Message.

Completely Re-Mastered and newly developed: including all the well-known functionality, there are a lot of new features to discover:

New virtual opponents, a new online-mode with a nice online-lobby and a lot more.

But of course, all beautiful implemented into the known, nice design of “GuetJass!” HD.

You can easily unlock all the features of the premium-edition by in-app-purchase, if you like the app.


Completly Re-Mastered. “Guet Jass!”


Most relevant functions of “GuetJass!”:

– Schieber and Differenzler against the AI

– Internet-Multiplayer starting in at the new online-lobby: Find a free-space on a table or just open your own.

– Add good players to your friend-list and invite them personally to join your table!

– Extend your app with a lot of beautiful designs fitting your style.

– new Training-Mode, showing you ‘Böck’ and count gone Trumps

– Local Multiplayer within your Local-Network over WiFi

– Play in one of four languages: English, Swiss-German-Dialect, French or German

If you choose to go premium by in-app-purchase, there will be no difference in functionality compared to the well known “GuetJass! HD”.