Игра Gurka - Cucumber Card Game беплатно для iPhone и iPad

Gurka (cucumber in English) is an unique and fun card game from Sweden!

This game features the following:

Tutorial mode

Single player

Stuga map of Sweden Challenge



Unlock dala horses as you earn kurbits in the single player mode

Rules of game:

In the game of gurka each player is dealt six cards from a standard deck.

In each round of play a player will choose a single card to play. For the first five rounds the player with the highest card will win that round. A player must match or overtake or they are forced to sacrifice their lowest card.

For sixth and final round the player with the lowest card wins that round and the game.

Essentially, the goal of the game is to hold on to your lowest cards to the end. The challenge lies in that in rounds 1-5 if you can not match or overtake you are forced to sacrifice your lowest card.

The person that loses accrues penalty points equal to the last played card. When a player reaches thirty penalty points they turn into a cucumber (gurka) and are out of the game!

Try to see if you can last the longest and win the game!