Игра Halli Galli& Friends беплатно для iPhone и iPad


Halli Galli is a very classic desktop game that gets multiple honors.

Every day tens of thousands of people join together to play Halli Galli.

Halli Galli can not only test people’s ability to respond, but also test the calculation ability people

,and bring joy to friends at the party.

Halli galli & Friends is a game that emphasizes interacting with friends!


How to Play: To provide the classic version of the fruit cards, the table if there are 5 same fruit,

push the bell, and then the cards on the table belong to you. Any players without card is out,

The last remaining is the final winner. There are more cards coming soon…


Halli Galli & Friends offers a variety of functions:

1: online fast game: on the Internet and game with friends all around the world to see who is the fastest!

2: single player: challenge the computer now to see who is stronger-you or computer?

3: multiplayer: the most fun features, Join the game with you friends,It is very convenient to establish the game when you and your friends are in the same wifi,you can choose any number of players .

4: We provide a global list to see if you can enter the world top 50!

5: more cards are under development, coming soon ….



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