Ma Mémoire Médicale скачать на Андроид бесплатно


Ma Mémoire Médicale allows you to manage your own health record and access it anywhere, anytime.
By subscribing to the service (15 days free trial), you keep track of your medical and health data while taking advantage of assistance by medical staff when needed.
Thanks to the mobile app, you keep your data handy and manage them easily from wherever you are, at home or on the road.

• consult your medical data by category (drugs, disease history, surgery, vaccines, etc.)
• scan the barcode of a drug to add to your list
• integrate medical documents
• synchronize your medical appointments to your calendar
• dedicated pregnancy section: follow the progress of your child
• enter and view your health data (weight, height, blood pressure, heartbeat, blood sugar)
• group your emergency information
• print and export all or part of your data
• ability to share your emergency and health data with the Apple Health app
• get assistance from health professionals for correction and validation of medical terms you have entered (response within 48 hours by email)
• access our online store and order your emergency card or your QR code stickers containing the emergency data

• Family subscription can manage up to 5 profiles.
• Your data is stored on a secure site, in Switzerland.
• The assistance by medical staff is subject to professional secrecy.
• MV SANTE is committed to the principles of respecting your privacy and will not use, share or sell your data.
Ma Mémoire Médicale is an innovation from MV SANTE, an ambulatory surgery leader in Switzerland.


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