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If you experience stress, anxiety, panic or anger, if you have attention deficit, autism or have difficulty focusing, use a Mandalynth and discover mental relaxation and clarity.
A Mandalynth is a Celtic Art Mandala you trace like a Labyrinth. Tracing focuses visual and tactile signals, and allows the brain to decompress. A meditative state occurs quickly as the brain moves from “active processing” into “mindfulness”.
When the brain is mindful it is not in a state of stress. When the brain is mindful, it can manage triggers that cause panic, PTSD, and anger. When the brain is mindful, it can focus away from the signal overload that causes attention meltdown.
How to Use A Mandalynth
Just choose a Mandalynth design and trace it with a stylus, a capped pen, or anything that won’t harm your screen. You don’t need to touch the Mandalynth. Just lightly skim the surface of the design.
Start tracing anywhere and finish whenever you like. Tracing a Mandalynth is about following an endless pathway, allowing the mind to center and relax.
Open Mandalynths are best for managing stress, anxiety, panic and anger because they are very calming to trace.
Medium Mandalynths are best for attention deficit, autism and light mental challenge because they are slightly complex to trace.
Tight Mandalynths are best for puzzle solving and mental challenge because they are very complex to trace.
Add music or soft sounds from the Settings Page to enhance your tracing experience.
Useful Tip
SWITCH HANDS WHEN YOU TRACE! It’s easier than you think because the hand does not move when you trace. The shoulder moves the entire arm. Switching hands every so often exercises the mind and promotes neuroplasticity.
Trace a Mandalynth for as long or a short a time as you wish. There are no rules. Trace for a few minutes to decompress from a stressful moment. Trace for a while to meditate. If you find that time has passed without you noticing it, it’s because your brain needed that time to fully relax.
Health Benefits
People who use Mandalynths have reported the following benefits:
1) Lower heart rate and blood pressure
2) Pain relief
3) Insomnia relief
4) Headache and Migraine relief
5) TBI recovery assistance
6) Post-seizure recovery assistance
These results are anecdotal and not true in every case, but they have been true for many.


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