Marine Corps Wallpaper - Free скачайте бесплатно на Андроид


With over 50 photos to choose from, show your support and love for the United States Marine Corps by downloading this simple app. Once downloaded, simply choose the “Click For Wallpaper” button, choose a photo from the grid view, click or touch the photo to enlarge it and set it to your device’s background using the “Set As Wallpaper” button.

From classic posters and rank structure to some of the close up and personal action photos, you can change your device’s wallpaper as often as you like. Celebrate the proud history and heritage of one of the nation’s most celebrated and decorated military branches.

Known as the elite fighting force of the United States military, the United States Marine Corps has a proud tradition of honor, courage and commitment. Ready to deploy, close with and destroy America’s enemies at a moment’s notice anywhere in the world, the Marine Corps does not recruit but select only those that are physically and mentally tough to become one of America’s elite.

Marines are instantly and forever transformed the day they earn the title, but the transformation continues throughout each Marine’s time in the Corps. Those who desire the title must first endure the training, and undergo an everlasting change that is external, internal and undeniable. As Marines begin to serve, learn and lead, their overall skills continue to develop, inspiring those they fight alongside—and ensuring a better future for them all.

Whether currently serving, have served or you know someone that has done either, this app embodies Esprit de Corps. Show your support for all Marines around the globe. Be a part of America’s team, the few, the proud, the Marines. Semper Fi!


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