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MindMax is an app, funded by Movember Foundation to maximise wellbeing and resilience and create a community of fit minds.

Drawing on scientific research and AFL player experience, MindMax provides the following features:
– bite-sized, dynamic training sessions
– in-app games
– social sharing to build individual and community resilience and wellbeing.

Users are guided through the same wellbeing training undertaken by AFL players, who have access to the top doctors, trainers and psychologists in the industry, to help them perform at their best. Using the power of sport, videogames and wellbeing science, MindMax starts conversations that shift wellbeing attitudes and behaviours.

A fit mind, just like a fit body, requires regular training and can always be improved. With this comes enhanced resilience and wellbeing, so get MindMax and strengthen your mind’s fitness – because fit minds kick goals.


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