Pimp My Rom (Beta) скачать полную версию

***Network & Internet***

  • Wifi Scan interval
  • TCP Congestion Algorithm
  • Media streaming tweaks
  • Use Google DNS
  • Enable/Disable HSUPA
  • Protect against SYN attacks
  • Avoid Time-Wait state
  • Block all redirects & source-routing
  • Various IPv4 tweaks


  • 3 presets of OOM Groupings & Minfree
  • 2 presets of zRam compression
  • Adjust Dalvik & kernel to new values
  • Renice low priority processes

***Dalvik VM***

– Heap Size selection

– Heap Growth-limit selection

– Heap Start Size selection

– Optimization Flags selection

– Enable/Disable JIT

– Enable/Disable JNI Error Checking

– Enable/Disable bytecode verification for Dalvik


– Governor tweaks

– I/O Scheduler tweaks

– Disabling I/O stats

– Enable/Disable Vsync

– Disable Normalized/NewFair/GentleFair Sleepers

***Toggle Android Features***

– Hardware Acceleration

– Force GPU rendering

– Surface Dithering

– Purgeable Assets

– 16bit Transparency

– Kernel JNI Error Checking

– Android Logger

– Locking launcher in memory


– Call Ring Delay

– Proximity Sensor delay

– In-Call amount of volume steps

– SMS & MMS retry timer if failed sending

– SMS & MMS amount of retries if failed sending

– Enable/Disable AMR Wideband

***Touchscreen & Display***

– Amount of fingers recognized by the screen (multitouch)

– Minimum amount of time between 2 touch events (Pointer Duration)

– Maximum amount of events per second WindowsManager can handle

– SurfaceFlinger’s minimum velocity

– SurfaceFlinger’s maximum velocity

– Enable/Disable FPS Capping


– Optimize sqlite3 databases at each boot

– I/O Tweaks for ext4 file-systems

– Internal & External sdcard tweaks

– Zipalign all apks at each boot

– Various battery saving tweaks

– Various camera quality tweaks

– Raising jpg quality to 100%

– Enable quickpoweron

———– TOOLS ———–

***Rescue Package***

This tool allows you to completely safely pimp your rom.

It will backup all your original system files and create a flashable zip containing them. This way, if some tweak cause problems, simply flash your Rescue Package to remove all modifications made by Pimp My Rom

***Universal Init.d Support***

Enable init.d support with absolutely ANY kernel.

This tool is the first completely universal method for granting init.d support, for the simple reason that [B]everything[/B] happens on the app side.

***Pimp My CPU***

Take full control over your processor :

  • Minimum & maximum CPU frequencies management
  • Overclocking if your kernel supports it
  • Governors management
  • Schedulers management
  • Voltage control

***Density Changer***

Safely modify your display’s density in 3 easy steps.

***Entropy Generator***

A graphical user interface for the Random Number Generator Daemon (RNGD) binary.

Independently set :

  • Feed Interval
  • Feed Timeout
  • Amount of Random bytes
  • Fill-watermark
  • Kernel random read/write wakeup threshold

***Dual Bootanimations***

Allows you to have 2 different bootanimations which will alternatively be displayed, one boot each.

***Lock Apps in Memory***

Bypass Android’s built-in task killer by locking any installed application in memory, including system apps!

***Navigation Bar Toggle***

Self-explanatory, toggle the navigation bar on & off

***Gps Configuration***

Choose between 79 countries + 5 continents of gps.conf files:

***Device Hidden Menu***

Access your device’s hidden settings without having to dial weird and hard to remember codes

———– APPS & MODS ———–

Download & install some popular mods without flashing anything!

***Pimp My Beats***

A full-blown audio mod containing :

  • Modified DSPManager
  • Beats Audio binaries, libs, framework & other assets
  • Dolby Mobile binaries, libs, framework & other assets
  • SRS binaries, libs, framework & other assets

# Bravia Engine 2

# xLoud & ClearAudio+

# Sony Album

# OpenVPN Support


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