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Solitaire King-Classic Free Card Games

Solitaire King-Classic Free Card Games is the #1 fun & challenging card game on Google Play! We are the ORIGINAL maker of the best Solitaire app with DAILY CHALLENGES, and are constantly updating our Solitaire to include fun new features!

NEW THEMES: Solitaire King-Classic Free Card Games has three NEW beautiful new themes for you to play with! Choose from New Year’s, Spring, and Rainy Day themes as your new background and card back.

Play Solitaire King-Classic Free Card Games DAILY CHALLENGES, where you’ll receive unique & exciting new puzzles to solve every day. Daily Challenge wins will reward you with a crown. The more Challenges you overcome, the more crowns and trophies you’ll earn!

Solitaire is a fun, challenging and addictive game similar to the classic card game, Solitaire (a.k.a Patience). A brain game for kids and adults alike, Solitaire challenges you to stack all cards of each suit in descending order to solve the puzzle.

Download Solitaire King-Classic Free Card Games today and enjoy our fun card game features – FREE!

=== Solitaire King-Classic Free Card Games Features ===
Fun, Free Card Games of Classic Spider Solitaire

– Classic, fun games of Solitaire, totally free on your phone
– Spider Solitaire games come in 1, 2, 3 & 4 suit varieties
– Cards come alive with stunning animations, flawless graphics and classic interface
Play Brain Games of Solitaire Any Time & Place You Want
– Winning Deals that guarantee at least one winning solution
– Unrestricted Deal allows player to deal cards even with empty slots
– Unlimited undo option and automatic hints
Daily Challenge Gives You a Challenging New Puzzle Every Day
– Free challenging games of Solitaire, brand new daily
– Challenges reward you with crowns. Beat consecutive daily puzzles and earn yourself a Solitaire trophy!
Exercise your Brain with Fun Solitaire Challenges
– Solitaire is a fun and challenging puzzle game that anyone can enjoy!
– Brain games range from one-suit games all the way up to four-suit Solitaire
– Challenge yourself as the puzzle gets increasingly difficult in this strategy game
– If you like brain games, Solitaire King-Classic Free Card Games is sure to be a hit!
Addictive Old School Games for Kids & Adults
– Classic Solitaire is a fun, addictive smash hit for everyone!
– Solitaire is such a fun and addictive game that our millions of users play for hours on end
– Addictive, fun game levels will push you to come back daily
Customize Your Solitaire Game
– Track your Solitaire statistics
– Custom pictures for card backs and backgrounds
– Tap to move for quick gameplay
– Right hand or left hand play
– Landscape or portrait view
– Customized settings to suit your taste

Is Solitaire King-Classic Free Card Games for Me?

Do you like classic and fun games? Do you enjoy other types of solitaire like Klondike, Pyramid solitaire, Free Cell solitaire, Spiderette, or Spiderwort? Then you’re bound to love!

Download the best Solitaire King-Classic Free Card Games available for your mobile device today!


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