TriPeaks Cute скачать для Андроид бесплатно

Beautiful addicting 3D TriPeaks pyramid solitaire games to captivate you!

TriPeaks is the ULTIMATE in casual gaming fun. You can take it easy by playing the Joker for in-game hints, or change it up and fly solo! Either way this is the perfect game of SKILL – sharpen up your brain by working out the best moves for maximum points!

This TriPeaks game challenges you further by giving CREDIT for faster moves. And, incredibly, there’s EVEN MORE, because you can satisfy your inner geek and view all your best times, moves, streaks, and more, on your personal stats screen!

For the ultimate bonus, 15 STUNNING IMAGES are available to collect. As you WIN more and more points, you will soon be rewarded with a NEW beautiful picture! TRIPEAKS CUTE brings you a selection of the cutest things – little things, baby animals, a wide-eyed child, all just adorable!


♠ CHOOSE your card table, and customize your playing cards
♠ WIN bonus points for move streaks and best moves
♠ USE HINTS in game with the Joker feature
♠ CHECK OUT your personal stats
♠ VIEW and personalize pictures in your gallery


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