Woman Muslim Dress скачать на Андроид бесплатно

But as Muslims we should not be foolish about it. Because in reality the clothing worn by young people can now lead to sexual stimulation or brutality derived from semi-naked fashion modes or protrusions of aurat, which can lead to crime.
Modern civilized society in general is very fond of fashion fashions that showcase or not cover female aurat. Mini skirts or tight pants are an integral symptom of today’s civilization. Truly the tendency in these indecent modes of fashion indicates the moral weakness of society. In essence fashion mini and tight it can damage the kesahatan and mental growth of society itself and also do not have any added value at all. Such modes affect their way of thinking and acting that will ultimately change their sense of self-worth
Fashion clothing was born along with the history of human civilization itself. Therefore fashion has been around since humans were created. Clothing has so many functions, namely closing certain members of the body to the body decorator as has been described also in the Qur’an that implies the function of clothing; “O son of adam (human), we have sent down your clothes to cover your body parts and for jewelry”.
The consequence of being a religious man is to do everything in his power to keep God’s commandments and to abandon all his restrictions. One form of religious command of Islam is a command to wear uniform clothing that covers all aurat that is not feasible to be revealed to others who are not muhrim. From there finally came the so-called “Muslim Clothing”.
Moslem clothing is a clothing that is in accordance with Islamic teachings, and the user of the dress reflects a devout Muslim over her religious teachings in dress code. Muslim clothing is not just a symbol but by wearing it means a woman has proclaimed to Allah’s creature. Swt will beliefs, his view of the world, and the way he lives. Where it is based on a deep belief in God Almighty and Power. Al-hafizh Ibn Kathir explains: “Allah’s word instructs His apostles that he command believing women, especially in girls and wives Because of their glory, to extend their veil so that they are different from the ignorant women and female slaves.


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