Xposed StatusBar Mods - SGS скачать для Андроид бесплатно


The Official Xposed statusbar modification module for the Samsung Galaxy S3/GN2 devices running TouchWiz ROMs.

This module is now FREE. I no longer have the time to maintain this project and have open sourced the code.

This module requires the Xposed Framework, which can be found here:
You must install the Framework and make sure it is enabled prior to install this module!

Module features:
Transparent statusbar (with ability to set background color/alpha)
Transparent notification pulldown window (with ability to set background color/alpha)
100-step battery icons, with optional battery % display during charging animation
Themable and replaceable statusbar images, in a simple Zip file format (called XSBM Iconpacks (SGS iconpacks are slightly different than One/GPE packs. More info on support thread.))
Adjustable statusbar icon scaling
Experimental support to replace individual application notification icons, in-app icons, and most drawable resources (may not work with all applications; see 2nd post for more information)
Center clock mod (thanks to @C3C076 (modded to work with Touchwiz layout))
Remove AM/PM from 12h clock
Change clock color (changes both statusbar and notification window clock color)
Remove clock from statusbar
Remove battery icon from statusbar
Colorize battery icon display, either fixed (single color) or variable, based on charge range
Change statusbar icon colors (only replaced/overridden icons, not stock ones)
Ability to apply changes without a soft reboot (requires root/superuser permission)


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