Yellow Gold CM11 theme бесплатно для Андроида скачать

Important: This theme will NOT work on CM12 or any Lollipop ROM. The theme requires your device to be rooted with the latest Cyanogenmod 11 theme choosers. Other theme engines are not supported.
If theme does not look as expected, reboot after applying. Bugs are not due to themes. Please do not give bad rating for theme not working. Try to reboot if any problem occur.
Optimized for xhdpi and xxhdpi devices.


Custom wallpaper

Non Intrusive UI

Yellow/gold flavored items to the stock Holo Kitkat theme

Flat settings

Dialer themed

Other Themed Items:

Whatsapp Action bar

Themed aosp/google keyboard

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I am aware that a lot of you guys want a CM12 version of this theme. I want to make it too, but I don’t have time due to college. Lot of work is needed to learn, create, debug and update themes given the frequency of CM updates. If anyone can help me port this theme to CM12, please email me. Thanks.


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